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Comic: Lumberjanes "The Shape Of Friendship" (engl.)

von Lilah Sturges, Polterink
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Verlag Boom Studios
ISBN 9781684154517

While adventuring in the woods, Jo, Mal, Molly, April, and Ripley discover the hiding place of a group of magical creatures called Pookas and they think they've found new friends. But what they don ft know is that the Pookas are tired of hiding, and they've found the perfect way to join the outside world by impersonating the Lumberjanes themselves and taking over Camp!

To reclaim their identities, the 'Janes will have to work together to remember who they really are and to help another group of friends accept themselves, too, in a story about looking inside yourself and learning to love who you meet there.

Based on the New York Times bestseller and multiple Eisner Award and GLAAD Award-winning series, Lumberjanes: Shape of Friendship is written by New York Times best-selling author Lilah Sturges and illustrated by polterink.

144 Seiten, Softcover

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