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Comic: DC Super Hero Girls "Midterms" (engl.)

von Amy Wolfram, Yancey Labat
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Verlag DC
ISBN 9781401298524

Who comes out on top when a Bumblebee, a journalist, and a super-villain fight? Find out when Karen Beecher and Lois Lane face off in a battle of wits with...Harleen Quinzel?!

Three students top the leaderboard at Metropolis High, and the upcoming midterms will determine who's the best in class. But each girl must first face challenges from their real lives! DC Super Hero Girls: Midterms continues to develop the relationships forged throughout the beloved DC Super Hero Girls series.

This story is perfect for ages 6-10 and a great entry point into the DC Universe and graphic novels.

144 Seiten, Softcover

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