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Artbook: Sirens of Art 1 (engl.) [signiert]

von Sabine Rich
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Sometimes, even now, the rain falls on the soft morning ground and the droplets collect like pearls. A long time ago they believed these pearls of water and light held other worlds, fantastical realms filled with the unimaginable. On some rare mornings when the mystical shadows touched just right, a pearl would burst apart, and a story of pure fantasy would unfold. Only the special few could ever see, only those who found the gem just moments before it explodes.

"Sirens of Art" is a collection of 48 pages of art by Sabine Rich put into an beautiful A4 sized art book.

The art inside is a collection of the best work from covers, commissions and personal creations. There is an assortment of pencils, watercolors, copics and digital drawings.

48 Seiten, Softcover

Mit original Signatur von Sabine Rich.

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