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Artbook: Nathan Ota - Ikuru (engl.)

von Chaiwan Choi
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ISBN 9781937222208

Nathan Ota - Ikiru Nathan Ota has gained a following over the last twenty years for his prolific work as an illustrator, painter, and graffiti artist. The surrealist world he creates is one of streaked green skies, off-color hues, and dripping paint a world reliant on recurring figures such as a blind bird in a striped dunce hat, a gelatinous robot lost in the woods, and an egg sprouting up protruding tree branches. Dark and engaging, this is a world of struggle that continues to clash and commune within each new painting. Nathan Ota combines his early influences of vintage comic books, punk rock fliers, and his graffiti-obsessed high school years with formal training at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.

144 Seiten, Hardcover

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