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Artbook: CG Galaxy - Best Chinese CG Artists and Their Works 1 (engl.)

von Game 798 Studio
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ISBN 9781908175090

From the producers of the highly successful Fantasy+ series comes this brand new title focusing on the artwork of Chinese CG art masters. Volume 1 launches the series with a celebration of the best character and scene design for 2D and 3D games.

Whether designed for hand held devices or computer screens, the raw talent and artistry of the work is readily apparent. Elves, dragons, castles and more are spontaneously conceived or reinterpreted to meet the needs of clients or the whims of an ever-changing public.

Interviews with each featured artist provide insight into the challenges of the media and background stories to some of the great artworks rendered within. A welcome addition to the transcendent genre of fantasy art.

192 Seiten, Softcover


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