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Comic: The Couriers 2 "Dirtbike Manifesto" (engl.)

von Brian Wood, Rob G
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Verlag Ait Planet Lar
ISBN 193205118X
Sometimes Moustafa and Special, THE COURIERS, run guns. Yeah, it's not the most admirable job in the world to take on, but they got rent to pay and ammo to buy, and M has acquired a rather expensive new hobby: building the ultimate motocross dirtbike from scratch. But their latest gig goes bad... all kinds of wrong... and it ticks 'em off. They head to upstate New York to track the guns to the source to and get a little vengeance and get P-A-I-D in the process. Fucking rednecks, New England hicks, what're they gonna do? Ever been to these half-dead New York towns? The slow economy hits hard up there, and the streets are dead on a weekend, and half the shops are boarded up. Lots of pissed off people with too much time on their hands, and half of 'em own guns... don't need two young arrogant punks from The City to roll into town like they own the place...

88 Seiten, Softcover
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