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Comic: Marc Silvestri Millennium Edition (engl.)

von Marc Silvestri
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Verlag Wizard Entertainment
ISBN 0977861317
This is a special limited hand numbered edition of only 299 pieces with an exclusive TIP-IN page signed by Marc Silvestri with an exclusive Wizard Authentic Hologram Seal.

Wizard Entertainment proudly presents the all-new Wizard Marc Silvestri Millennium Edition Limited Deluxe Hardcover. Fully authorized by Silvestri, this giant 152-page hardcover book is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of pieces of Silvestri artwork from his entire prolific career at Top Cow Productions, Marvel Comics and more, along with a dazzling assortment of art from his personal collection.

• Meet Marc Silvestri in a new exclusive, in-depth interview for this book. Spend time with Silvestri at the Top Cow office, see him at work on new material and discover the secrets behind the techniques he uses to create his work. Meet his crew and others as they prep new pages to be published.

• Art fans are in for a tremendous treat, as this deluxe volume will present a gigantic art gallery of Silvestri’s greatest works—everything noteworthy will be here. In addition, Marc unveils a tremendous collection of unfinished art along with a sketchbook of head sketches, commissioned pieces, etc. YOU MUST SEE THIS!

• Get a complete illustrated checklist of every piece of Marc Silvestri comic art ever published, including hard-to-find items like promotional posters, holiday cards, museum editions, busts, lithos, variant covers, RRP books and convention program covers.

152 Seiten, Hardcover
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