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Comic: High Moon Vol. 1 (engl.)

von David Gallaher, Steve Ellis
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ISBN 9781401224622
The horror adventure from Zudacomics.com arrives as a bound graphic novel to deliver werewolves (and a whole lot more) in the Old West.

Bounty-hunter Matthew Macgregor investigates a series of strange happenings in the dusty Texas town of Blest where drought has brought famine and hardship to most of the town and surrounding ranches. Unfortunately, that's the least of the town's worries! While the summer heat pushes the mercury toward further unbearable degrees during the day, the nights are haunted by strange, unnatural creatures roaming the darkness. Macgregor, a former Pinkerton agent, seeks to uncover the towns dark secrets and tries desperately to keep his own past steeped in witchcraft and the supernatural hidden.

192 Seiten, Softcover
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