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Comic: Doctor Solar "Man of the Atom" 1 (engl.)

von Bob Fujitani, Richard Powers
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Verlag Dark Horse
ISBN 9781595825865

When industrial sabotage fouls up an experiment in atomic energy, nuclear physicist Doctor Phillip Solar survives the accident but is forever changed into a living atomic reactor capable of astonishing feats! Now Doctor Solar uses his miraculous, energy -- based powers to protect the innocent and to thwart the diabolical machinations of a mysterious supercriminal known only as Nuro. Doctor Solar springs to life in this affordable new edition that collects "Solar's Secret," "The Remote -- Control Traitor," "Vanishing Oceans," and other classic stories from the 1960s by comics visionaries Paul S. Newman, Bob Fujitani, and Frank Bolle. These tales are true atomic-age wonders! Fans of Russ Manning, Mac Raboy, and Alex Raymond will be delighted with artist Bob Fujitani's original depiction of this classic hero in all his radioactive glory. This collection also features two rare cover paintings by legendary science-fiction illustrator Richard Powers!

216 Seiten, Softcover

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