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Comic: Chopper Zombie (engl.)

von Todd Livingston, Scott Keating
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Verlag DDP
ISBN 9781934692370

Sometimes it takes dying to really live!  When a motorcycle builder refuses to sell his innovative fuel formula and engine design to a greedy corporation, he is murdered and his inventions are stolen! But what he died for also brings him back to life when he is drowned in his own fuel and he returns as a zombie -- giving him the skills and confidence to exact revenge and claim what is rightfully his! The Producer of MONSTER GARAGE and DEADLIEST CATCH and the writer of THE BLACK FOREST bring you the evolution of horror with CHOPPER ZOMBIE!

From visionary television creator Thom Beers (“Monster Garage,” “Deadliest Catch,” “Ice Road Truckers”) and award-winning writer Todd Livingston (“The Black Forest,” “The Wicked West,” “The Living and the Dead”) comes this twisted tale of revenge and brain-eating!

CHOPPER ZOMBIE will be promoted on television during the airing of new episodes of MONSTER GARAGE!

144 Seiten, Softcover
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