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Comic: Bone - Boxed Set Books 1-3 (engl.)

von Jeff Smith
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ISBN 9780439908238
The three Bone cousins--Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone--are lost in a vast, uncharted desert. They soon find their way into a deep, forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures, and come across a farmstead run by tough Gran'ma Ben and her spirited granddaughter Thorn. But little do the Bones know, there are dark forces conspiring against them and their adventures are only just beginning!

For the first time, the first three books of Jeff Smith's thrilling comic book saga are available in this boxed set!

An instant classic when it first appeared as an underground comic book in 1991, BONE has since garnered 38 international awards and sold over a million copies in 15 languages. Now, Scholastic's Graphix imprint is publishing full-color graphic novel editions of the nine-book BONE series.

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