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Manga: Yakitate!! Japan 24 (engl.)

von Takashi Hashiguchi
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ISBN 9781421529066

Kazuma Azuma starts out on a quest to create a national bread for Japan, Ja-pan – which is also a Japanese pun. Kazuma undergoes many challenges on his quest to create innovative Japanese recipes to rival those of other countries and is ultimately woven into a web by the baking mastermind Yuichi Kirisaki.

Volume 24 of Yakitate Japan reveals Kirasaki’s true identity and his tragic past.  Afterward, Azuma decides to help out Kirasaki and sends his friend, Kyosuke Kawachi, to ask his great-uncle – whom Azuma doesn’t get along with – to get some special ancient wheat.  His great-uncle agrees, but on the condition that Kawachi defeat Azuma in a bread-baking competition.  Azuma isn’t going to pull any punches even for a friend.

As the manga progresses while it continues to rely heavily on bread, it also relies more heavily on parodies and puns.

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