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Comic: Walt Disney "Comics & Stories" Nr. 693 (engl.)

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Verlag Gemstone Publishing
ISBN 9781603600385
Mr. Jones and Donald get along badly enough as next-door neighbors... so why are they bunkmates on an ocean cruise? Just sit back and you'll hear the tale in Michael T. Gilbert (Mr. Monster) and Paco Rodriguez's side-splitting cover story, "The Odd Couple!" Next, fan favorites John Lustig (Last Kiss) and Daan Jippes ask Daisy "Are You Really You," while Zeke Wolf swindles Brer Bear in Paul Murry's "Cluck and the Beanstalk!" Mickey, Horace, and Goofy camp out in Noel Van Horn's "Prometheus"; then Jeff Hamill and Cesar Ferioli delve into Pluto's origins in "Once Upon a Dog!" Finally, Neighbor Jones returns to bedevil Donald in Carl Barks' classic "Purloined Putty!"

64 Seiten, Softcover
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