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Comic: Stitch (engl.)

von Tommy Kovac
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Verlag SLG Publishing
ISBN 9781593621506
In an eerie attic filled with living toys and dolls, one rag doll named Stitch begins to awaken from his cotton-filled amnesia. Why does Granny Pairley keep Stitch and his rag doll cousins captive in the playroom? Did they once have lives outside the attic walls? Taunted by a pair of nasty fairies called the Benders, and menaced by the very stinky Yum-Tum Bear, Stitch finds comfort with Simon, the handsomest of the rag doll boys. Along come the ghastly puppets Voodoo Dolly and Tinybones, leading Stitch through hidden passageways to a dreadful secret room. This digest-size re-issue of Stitch collects the entire story, plus all-new extras exclusive to this edition.

120 Seiten, Softcover
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