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Comic: Nothing Better Vol. 2 "Into the Wild" (engl.)

von Tyler Page
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ISBN 9780972080147

Odd-couple roommates Katt and Jane are in the middle of their first semester of college. They've made it past the awkward introductions and initial missteps to find themselves in a daunting place - in total control of their lives and their futures for the first time. Fortunately for the girls and their friends, St. Urho College is the perfect place to explore their budding freedom. Parties, tests, crushes, adventure and new experiences are around every corner. As the girls forge deeper into the world around them, their journey within takes them to new(different) and sometimes confusing places. They slowly begin to learn that life isn't always something you can plan moment-by-moment - it's something you just have to let happen.

162 Seiten, Softcover

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