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Comic: Nod Away (engl.)

von Joshua W. Cotter
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Verlag Fantagraphics Books
ISBN 9781606999110

Nod Away is the new graphic novel from acclaimed cartoonist Joshua Cotter. Set primarily on a near-future version of earth, a deep space transport has been developed to take a small crew to an earth-like, habitable planet in a nearby system in an attempt to begin colonization/repopulation. In this near future, the Internet is now accessed telepathically and referred to as the “innernet.” Initially developed by the military, two-thirds of the world’s population is now able to connect and share information via a specialized central hub. When that hub is revealed to be a human child, political pressure prompts the need for a more humane solution. Melody McCabe is hired to develop this new hub on the second International Space Station, where the deep space transport has recently docked and where most of Nod Away takes place. Working within the structure of sci-fi, Nod Away moves back and forth between physical and psychological worlds, utilizing traditional and abstract storytelling styles in a way that blends the approaches his two previous books, Skyscrapers of the Midwest and Driven by Lemons. In Nod Away, Cotter explores what consciousness could be, where it could possibly be located, and what function or point it might serve.

242 Seiten, Softcover

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