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Comic: Megalex - The complete Story (engl.)

von Alexandro Jodorowsky, Fred Beltran
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ISBN 9781594651335

On the planet-city of Megalex, urban sprawl and technology consume all, leaving only a few bastions of nature and a mass of drug-addled citizens. That all changes when a clone, known only as the Anomaly, is created and rescued from certain destruction...

Straight from the untamed minds of Alexandro Jodorowsky (THE INCAL, THE METABARONS) and Fred Beltran (PIN-UP GIRLS FROM AROUND THE WORLD) comes an intriguing and highly original Sci-Fi adventure.

Now collected in its entirety, and including both a brand new foreword from artist Fred Beltran and a making-of bonus section.

168 Seiten, Hardcover

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