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Comic: Lunar Tunes "Bucky goes into Hyperspace" (engl.)

von Wally Wood
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ISBN 9781887591867

 In this previously unpublished work, comics legend Wallace (Wally) Wood combines the satirical wit and humor that made him a star at MAD with the far-out sci-fi settings that made him famous at EC. Created shortly before the comics genius's death, only a few LUNAR TUNES sample pages saw print in the later issues of Witzend but Vanguard presents, for the first time anywhere, the complete LUNAR TUNES. Classic Wood characters Bucky Ruckus, robot Iron Myron, Pip, Nudine and Snorky are joined in their cosmic excursions to the moon by a surreal parade including Russians, JFK, Bogart, Bob Hope, Elton John, Jack Webb, Patty Hurst, Playboy bunnies, Wally Wood himself and the Rolling Stones! LUNAR TUNES is a hilarious roller-coaster ride reminiscent of a late-60s-style cocktail party--complete with minor nudity.

52 Seiten, Softcover

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