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Comic: Invisible People (engl.)

von Will Eisner
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Verlag Norton
ISBN 9780393328097
With INVISIBLE PEOPLE (1993), Will Eisner casts a compassionate eye on those anonymous faces in every crowd, the "invisible people" we pass with indifference each day of our lives. Linked by a common theme, this trio of graphic novellas is told with the subtlety, irony and passion that have marked Eisner’s career as the dean of serious cartoonists.

"This book was written in anger. In 1991, I came upon an item in my local newspaper about the suicide of a poor woman, Carolyn Lamboly. Disabled, impoverished and alone, she had for over a year applied again and again for help from the community support system. But her case became lost in the county computer system and she had become an invisible person.

"A few days before Christmas 1990 sick, alone and in despair, she hung herself.

"Her body lay unclaimed in a funeral home for two months. She was finally buried in an unmarked grave in a public cemetery.

"These are stories that grew out of my dismay."

Will Eisner, July 2000

128 Seiten, Softcover
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