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Comic: Illegal Alien (engl.)

von James Robinson, Phil Elliott
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Verlag Dark Horse
ISBN 9781569718247
London, 1963. The Beatles are about to hit the big time, the Cold War is escalating, and Guido Palmano has just returned from America a changed man. His family can't quite put their finger on it, but Guido, a former mobster with little regard for anything outside his own self-interest, is a different person. He's caring, compassionate, intelligent ... alien! Now, caught between the dangerous ties to his former life and the political hysteria surrounding a mysterious, crashed spaceship, Guido's doing all he can to give his loved ones the best time of their lives before his own time on this planet runs out.

* Re-presenting the classic and out-of-print original graphic novel by Eisner Award-winning writer James Robinson (Leave it to Chance) and artist Phil Elliott.

* James Robinson has written the screenplay for the motion-picture adaptation of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and will be writing the screenplay for the live-action Akira.

80 Seiten, Softcover
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