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Comic: Courtney Crumrin 5 "The Witch Next Door" (engl.)

von Ted Naifeh
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Verlag ONI Press
ISBN 9781934964965
There's magic lurking around every corner, and Courtney's new next-door neighbor, a young girl named Holly Hart, is about to stumble right into it. Luckily Courtney's around to teach Holly all the dos and don'ts of witchcraft. After all, Courtney has learned a thing or two from Uncle Aloysius.

But Holly doesn't want Courtney's help, because she knows the real Courtney Crumrin. The one the other kids at school whisper about. The one the other kids are afraid of. Will Courtney be able to convince her that she's not the vengeful witch she appears to be? Or will Holly take matters - and magic - into her own hands?

Originally publishes as issues 1-5 of the Oni Press comic series Courtney Crumin.

144 Seiten, Hardcover

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