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Comic: Batman "Death and the Maidens" (engl.)

von Greg Rucka, Klaus Janson
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Verlag DC
ISBN 9781401280895

Ra's al Ghul has lived for hundreds of years, but he is not immortal. Without access to his life-giving Lazarus Pit, death will come to the Demon's Head just as it would anyone else. Ra's knows his days are numbered, but his life's work is far from complete. Time and again the Dark Knight has thwarted him, but now, in his final days, Ra's must turn to Batman for help.

In exchange for his aid, Ra's offers Batman the opportunity of a lifetime--the chance to speak with his dead parents. But the reunion is not what Batman imagined, and what Martha and Thomas Wayne have to say to their son will profoundly change both the man and the hero.

From award-winning author Greg Rucka (Batwoman, Wonder Woman) and comics legend Klaus Janson (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil), Batman: Death & the Maidens tells the gripping story of the final days of Ra's al Ghul. This volume includes the complete nine-issue miniseries and prologue story as well as behind-the-scenes sketches and commentary.

Collects Batman: Death & the Maidens #1-9 & Detective Comics #783.

240 Seiten, Softcover


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