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Buch: Writing and illustrating the gaphic novel (engl.)

von Daniel Cooney
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ISBN 9780764146299

Graphic novels are big business nowadays, and creating a well-executed graphic novel can be a big step to a rewarding career. This brand-new book gives detailed instruction in all aspects of graphic novel composition—creating characters and plots, and transforming them into dynamic illustrations that tell an interesting story. The introduction describes uses of tools of the trade, from drawing pencils, inks, and paper to word processing and Adobe Photoshop software. Chapters that follow instruct in—

  • The language of comics and graphic novels
  • Establishing characters and story structure
  • Scripting the story
  • Illustrating the story, from sketches to finished art
  • Selling the finished product

Instruction includes how-to techniques for creating layouts, panels, captions, dialogue, panel transitions, and angles of view. Exercises demonstrate the essential mechanics of drawing, from figures, backgrounds, and perspectives, to inking, coloring, and digital rendering. The text is supplemented with more than 400 how-to color illustrations.

160 Seiten, Softcover

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