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Buch: The Acme Novelty Library (engl.)

von Chris Ware
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ISBN 9780375422959

Sammlung der Zeichnungen und Tagebuchauszüge von 2005.

This deluxe hardcover edition of The Acme Novelty Library features the first serial installment of "Rusty Brown," Ware's first major lengthy narrative indulgence since his Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel. The first installment begins with young Rusty, an outcast in his suburban Chicago elementary school, befriended solely by his Supergirl action figure until he meets new kid on the block and fellow comic nerd, Chalky White. Rusty's story is an uncomfortably vivid and uncompromising look into the life of a social outcast. Ultimately, Rusty Brown will run longer than Jimmy Corrigan, tracing Brown's life through adulthood, along with every excrutiating moment of failure it brings. The Acme Novelty Library has been the most acclaimed comic book series of the last ten years as well as one of the bestselling contemporary comics on the racks. This format allows Ware to indulge us with many surprises, from faux-advertising sections to elaborate three-dimensional cut-out designs.Loyal Acme readers who were disgruntled at the previous two issues, in which THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPENED (time shifts, sex, dream sequences, super-heroes, death, maiming, architecture — my God, it was like Bob Dylan going electric all over again) will be delighted to discover that this chapter of the Jimmy Corrigan saga returns to the mind-numbingly claustrophobic eventlessness that distinguished earlier issues (such as the acclaimed, award-losing "32-pages-all-in-one-room" #9). In this issue Jimmy and his dad have lunch! In a diner! For the whole issue! Except in one sequence they walk outside! To talk to an old guy! Then they go back to his dad's apartment! Trust us, after you read this little gem, My Dinner with Andre will look like The Road Warrior by comparison.

108 Seiten, Hardcover

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